Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What now?

Thank you to all who have been willing to support this experiment in exploring together our journey from Shrove Tuesday through Easter.  Your willingness to write materials from your heart and be open to others has been a gift.

One participant has asked if we are able and willing to keep this forum for sharing our journey together, telling stories to each other, and admitting those places where we have more questions than answers.  This is a question for the community that has been gathered, and for the official sponsor which is the Christian Formation Committee.   If you have found this a worthwhile place to spend your time, please contact Diane Davis with your thoughts and consider what you are willing to contribute in terms of your own writing and time.

From my perspective, I have enjoyed this opportunity to experiment as a moderator for this kind of community forum.  I have learned to trust that there would be enough material for something new every day, even if I didn't have something done in time.  Now that we are past the intensity of Lent, it would be appropriate to relax that expectation of a daily essay.  Yet it cannot become so relaxed that there is no reason for people to visit.

I have other blogs that I have been leaving fallow during this Lent, and look forward to continuing those. 

Your comments are requested, either in person, or using the "comments" link immediately below.

Bruce Calvin

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  1. I forgot to note that there have been over 1,000 visits to the blog since it was started. With the vast majority of visitors coming from the United States, countries with more than ten visits included the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. There were also visitors from the Philippines, Singapore, and China.